24 July 2013

Google docs you are offline (0.docs.google.com ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) - FIXED

I came across above problem so I start digging for a solution. I narrowed it down to DNS within Google Chrome.

To fix the DNS problem follow the steps below;

  1. Check Chrome DNS by going to chrome://net-internals/#dns
  2. Check Async DNS Configuration, normally the Internal DNS client will be set to false.
  3. To enable this; go to chrome://flags/#enable-async-dns and enable the Built-in Asynchronous DNS.
  4. Restart Chrome and hola!!!
I hope this fix will work in most cases if not please comment.



  1. I have enabled the "Built-in Asynchronous DNS" and restart my computer. My spreadsheets are still appearing offline. This issue arose just few weeks before.

    I am working on Google docs Spreadsheet in incognito mood. as I am on my office computer, I usually work in incognito mood here for more than three years. I have administrative privilege on this computer. Please help. I am using Windows 7 professional, and Chrome version: 28.0.1500.72 m.

  2. This steered me in the right direction; here's what I did to fix, or at least workaround, this apparent bug in Google Docs: